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          Company Address

          Headquarters: Elion Eco-plaza, No.15 Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
          Ordos: No.30 Ordos West Street, Ordos, Inner Mongolia

          Advertising Cooperation
          Please send emails to advertising@elion.com.cn for advertising and sponsoring cooperation.

          Distinguished media friends:
          Thank you for your support for Elion. Please send your contact information and outline to  interview@elion.com.cn.

          Welcome to join Elion and please send your resume to zhaopin.jt@elion.com.cn.zhaopin.jt@elion.com.cn
          Click “Join Us” for job vacancy.

          For other questions, please call 010-57376888 (Beijing) or 0477-8372713(Ordos).